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History of Bondi


Bondi Beach - Old Photos

An Exhibition about Bondi from 2006

A Brief History of Bondi

Spanish Mission Architecture in Bondi

Campbell Parade in 1969

A 1998 Proposal for a Train to the Beach


Bondi and Waverley Heritage Listings


Remnants of the Bondi Trams

The Toastrack Tram

School Project: Calculate How Far a Bondi Tram Travelled

Shooting Through - An Exhibition about Trams from 2009

A Brief History of the Bondi Trams

Remnants of the Eastern Suburbs Trams

Remnants of the Newtown Trams

Remnants of the Glebe Trams

The 2000 Olympics in Bondi

The Beach Volleyball competition for the Sydney Olympics was held at a temporary stadium erected on Bondi Beach.

The Olympic Torch passed through Bondi too.


Reality TV - The Block in Bondi

  Reality TV came to Bondi Beach.
The Block in 2003 at 67 Roscoe Street.

Fashion Pictures   Marie's Surfside Jottings.
A Guide to Bondi Fashions and the Cafe Scene back in 2000.

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