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History of Bondi


Bondi Beach - Old Photos

An Exhibition about Bondi from 2006

A Brief History of Bondi

Spanish Mission Architecture in Bondi

Campbell Parade in 1969

A 1998 Proposal for a Train to the Beach


Bondi and Waverley Heritage Listings


Remnants of the Bondi Trams

The Toastrack Tram

Maths Project: Calculate How Far a Bondi Tram Travelled

Shooting Through - An Exhibition about Trams from 2009

A Brief History of the Bondi Trams

Remnants of the Sydney Trams

The 2000 Olympics in Bondi

The Beach Volleyball competition for the Sydney Olympics was held at a temporary stadium erected on Bondi Beach.

The Olympic Torch passed through Bondi too.


Reality TV - The Block in Bondi

  Reality TV came to Bondi Beach.
The Block in 2003 at 67 Roscoe Street.

Fashion Pictures   Marie's Surfside Jottings.
A Guide to Bondi Fashions and the Cafe Scene back in 2000.

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