Remnants of the Newtown Trams

There are remnants of the trams everywhere, once you learn how to look. Here are some examples from the inner western suburbs of Sydney.

Tram Tracks Tarred Over
Sydenham Station Tram remnants - Dulwich Hill tram route
Any time you travel along a road that has bitumen in the middle of the road and cement at the sides, it's probably an old tram route. It's everywhere in Sydney's inner suburbs.

This example is just near Sydenham Station.

The trams passed up and over the railway lines at this point. Previously there was a level crossing, and the streets still line up on either side of the railway tracks.
Addison Road, Marrickville, Sydney This picture is taken at the top end of Addison Road. The black bitumen still shows where the trams turned into Addison Road.

At this corner is a turreted block of flats which used to be a Salvation Army training college.

Trams travelled the full length of Addison Road.
Marrickville Road near Victoria Road
This is Marrickville Road, near Victoria Road. Sydenham Station is in the distance.

The current Marrickville station opened when the Bankstown line was built.

Before that time, Sydenham Station was actually named Marrickville Station and the trams would have shuttled many people down to this station from Dulwich Hill and Marrickville.

Tram Waiting Sheds
Waiting Shed Railway Square - Bus Shelters Sydney
There used to be a large tram waiting shed at Railway Square, but nothing remains.

It has been replaced by a weird structure that lets in the rain and the wind but looks extremely modern.

The original tram shed has been lovingly re-erected at the Loftus Tram Museum.
Central Railway Clock Tower viewed from Railway Square
A monster has replaced earlier buildings.

Railway Square has been repeatedly modified to cater for more and more cars and trucks, and to keep pedestrians out of harm's way.

Old photos show people walking in all directions, there was so little traffic.

Rounded Corners
Rounded Corner for Trams at Addison Road, Marrickville, Sydney
Here is a rounded corner for trams at the intersection of Addison Road and Enmore Road, Marrickville, Sydney.

The well-known Vic on the Park Hotel is directly behind the photographer.
Rounded Corner for Trams at Addison Road, Marrickville, Sydney
A rounded corner for trams at the foot of Addison Road, Marrickville.

Trams headed for the City via Enmore Road and Newtown Bridge turned left at this point.
Rounded Corner for Trams at Victoria Road and Marrickville Road, Sydney
The intersection of Victoria Road and Marrickville Road. Trams went straight ahead if going to Sydenham or turned left if going to Enmore.
Marrickville Road - Illawarra Road - Rounded Tram Corner

The Marrickville Road / Illawarra Road intersection. Both corners are rounded in this picture.

Marrickville Road - Illawarra Road - Rounded Tram Corner

Marrickville Road / Illawarra Road

Overhead Wiring and Tram Rosettes
Tram rosette in Enmore Road, Newtown, Sydney TJ Andrews Enmore Road

Others: The corner just near the Lansdowne Hotel, The Old Grace Bros store, Broadway Gym, a pub opposite UTS, a pub on corner of Harris Street, one in King St Newtown near the PO, also next to the Dendy.

All the overhead wiring and power cabling is long gone. All the signal boxes, which looked out above the street at major tram junctions (for example at Newtown Bridge right outside the station and where City Road meets Broadway), are gone.

Tram rosette in Marrickville Road, corner Illawarra Road, Sydney Marrickville in this picture.

These rosettes are surprisingly common, once you get the knack of spotting them.

The support wires for the live overhead wiring above the tracks were attached directly to buildings with a large anchor point, and usually with a decorative rosette.

For the pictures below, click to see the broader location.
Tram rosette - Sydney Central YHA - Eddy Avenue Tram rosette - Backpackers Hostel near Railway Square 790 George Street Tram rosette - Eddy Avenue Viaduct Arches Tram rosette - Enmore Road, Newtown, Sydney
Tram rosette - Central Railway Station, Sydney Tram rosette - David Jones Elizabeth Street Store Sydney Tram rosette - Old Parcels Post Office, Railway Square Sydney Tram rosette - Corner Bridge Street and Loftus Street Sydney

Tram Depot next to Newtown Station
Tram Mural at Newtown Station Three ghostly trams in a mural at Newtown railway station.
Newtown Tram Depot These old buildings, recently restored as food shops, were once the Newtown depot's office and amenity buildings.
Newtown Tram Shed The old tram shed next to Newtown railway station.
Newtown Tram Shed Demolition by Neglect.   Newtown tram shed, as seen from the Newtown railway station platform.

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