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Toast Rack Trams

The Toastrack: These were a part of modern living and all households had them. Wealthy people had much more elaborate versions, compared with the two plain ones above.

Toastrack Tram at Maroubra Junction
The Toastrack Tram: These trams were the workhorse of the Sydney tram system for more than 50 years. Each tram had eight compartments, and eight doors on each side. The tram could load and unload very quickly. Inside, there is no corridor down the middle of the tram like on a bus. These trams had lots of handrails and a full-length running-board along both sides to help people get on and off. You could open the windows and stick your head out. There was a driver's compartment at each end.

The trams often ran in coupled pairs, as shown in the picture. One driver, with two conductors collecting the fares, staffed a vehicle that seated 160 people and could cram in many more people standing up.

Toastrack trams were the main ones used on the Bondi line, and they transported the huge crowds to Bondi Beach on hot summer days. Eat your heart out, 333 bendy buses. See these trams at the Loftus Tramway Museum.

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