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Whether it's sunny or raining (and we need the rain!), there is usually plenty to do around the beach (specially during the summer). Many good places to be entertained and do some shopping.

Whatever you do, please do not litter the streets around the beach. Campbell Parade is the main drag on Bondi Beach. Get your bearings and start exploring!


Bondi Pavilion Community Centre. Most of Bondi Beach's events centre around the Pavilion. It has a theatre and exhibition gallery, an outdoor ampitheatre as well as function rooms, showers & changing rooms, food outlets & a souvenir shop. Pick up the monthly "What's On" to find out what classes & exhibitions are featured for that month. Enquiries, ph: (02) 9365 1253.

Festivals & Events Calendar

The major events are the 14-kilometre City to Surf fun run, the Festival of the Winds and the Sculpture by the Sea walk.

Click for the calendar of events page.


The Bondi Markets is held every Sunday in the grounds of Bondi Beach Public School. Click the link for details and pictures.

Bondi Junction Markets. In the Mall, Oxford Street, Bondi Junction. Thursdays and Sundays. Interesting food stalls.

Night Market. Roscoe Mall on Campbell Parade, Thur-Sun from 5pm. Mainly cotton clothes, jewellery and leather.


Bondi Beach tends more to inessential shopping, but you can stock up on food, books, knick-knacks, New Age accoutrements & more.

Food (glorious food): There are small supermarkets in Hall Street and Curlewis Street. Gusto's at 16 Hall Street is a small deli with counter sit-down service for coffee & food. The Corner Deli is at 183 Glenayr Avenue. Fresh fruit & vegetable shops are in Hall Street and Curlewis Street. Harry's Deli, next to Raw Bar on Ramsgate Avenue, is open 7 days 7.30am-8.30pm. Find organic fruit & vegies at The Earth Food Store, 81 Gould Street, ph: (02) 9365 5098, and health foods at Bondi Beach Health Foods, at 29 Hall Street, ph: (02) 9130 5672. Fresh seafood is available from Bondi Surf Seafoods at 128 Campbell Parade. If you're into cakes, both the Gelato Bar and Gran Caffe restaurants on Campbell Parade sell takeaways. Nogas Sweet Temptations is at 137 Curlewis Street, ph: (02) 9365 7827; Fleur de Lys Patisserie is at 148 Curlewis Street, ph: (02) 9365 4834. On The Rise is at 3a Hall Street - just try and walk past without buying some of their wonderful breads and coffee!). Almost opposite is another great bakery, Sunshine Hot Bread - we recommend the Choc Toffee Slice. The Natural Bread Company is at seven ways, 98 Glenayr Avenue, ph: (02) 9130 8978, offering bagels, brioche, focaccia, vegetarian pastry, cakes and fancy breads. At the top of Hall Street, no. 78 is Russian Troika - delicatessen and sandwiches, ranging from 'Boring' - ham and cheese to 'Coma' - horseradish with everything. Jed's Food Store, 60 Warners Avenue, ph: (02) 9365 0022, Closed Monday, open Tue-Sun 7.30am-6.30pm.

Art: Exhibitions from local artists (including our friend David Sant), jewellery, gifts and framing are all at WADi Gallery, 9 O'Brien Street, ph: (02) 9365 6428.

Books etc. (food for the mind): At 84 Campbell Parade is The Idle Tank: books, CDs and Internet. Ph: (02) 9365 5266. Fax: (02) 9365 7740. Internet access is also available at Phone.Net.Cafe, 73 Hall St. Ph: (02) 9365 6134. Also up Hall Street is Martin Smith's Bookshop at no.3, open 7 days till late, ph: (02) 9365 1482. At 77 Hall Street is The Bondi Globe, which stocks second-hand books, maps, travel guides, wraps, cards & toys, ph: (02) 9130 4431. Gold Book & Judaica Gift Company is at 16b O'Brien Street, ph: (02) 9300 0495.

Clothing: An institution since 1981 is Bikini Island, at 30 Campbell Parade, open 10am-6pm daily, and until 7pm on Thursday, with a seconds shop further up. Cool for Cats at 74 Campbell Parade, ph: (02) 9365 4457 stocks swimwear and sportswear. Omer Design is at shop 15, Campbell Parade, ph: (02) 9365 6737. Purl Harbour has hand knitted designs, featured in all the best magazines - at 92 Gould St, ph: (02) 9365 1521. Flirting is at 1-6 Campbell Parade - young clothes, loud music. Pluto's At the Beach is at 5 Hall Street, ph: (02) 9130 4893. Rif Raf Clothing, shop 16, 180 Campbell Parade, ph: (02) 9130 3299. For children's shoes, visit Bondi Children's Shoe Store & Ballet Shop (established 1945) at 44 Hall Street, ph: (02) 9365 2700. Spotted at Blue Moon Bizarre, 124a Roscoe Street, ph: (02) 9365 0140, amongst the CDs and clothes, candlewick trousers. Paablo Nevada at 140 Curlewis Street, ph: (02) 9365 0165, has designer clothing.

Collectables & Gifts: For soap, aromatic oils, incense, candles and other gifts try Earthbound at 9 Hall Street, ph: (02) 9130 5069. For homewares and gifts, try the alluring Abode at 16 Hall Street, ph: (02) 9365 4706, which is open 7 days. The Spiders from Mars is at 17b Hall Street, ph: (02) 9365 2147, and stocks hand made goods from around the world. Primitive Home is at 57 Hall Street, ph: (02) 9365 4102. Siren Song is at 2c Jacques Avenue, just around the corner from Hall Street, and sells crystals, tapes etc. For T-shirts & beachwear try BTs, Shop 22, under the Swiss Grand Hotel. Platypus Shoes is at Shop 7/180-186 Campbell Parade. Designer Homeware is at 9 Hall Street, ph: (02) 9130 7698. Need some cash - Happy Hockers is at 64 Hall Street, ph: (02) 9300 0888. Bush Wa Zee Ceramics at 110 Curlewis Street has big pots for sale, ph: (02) 9130 2224. Silk Route, at the back of the Swiss Grand Hotel, cnr Beach Road & Gould Street, has pots, candles and other beautiful things, ph: (02) 9365 0252.

Hardware. You've got the flat, you found the flatmates, but no-one has a decent saucepan and the last tenants nicked all the lightbulbs. Help is at hand! Bondi Beach Hardware is at 15 Hall Street, ph: (02) 9130 2334. Ray's Hardware & Locksmiths, 136 Glenayr Avenue, ph: (02) 9365 4623.

Laundry. You'll find several laundrettes around Bondi Beach. The Hang Out Laundry at 97 Glenayr Avenue, ph: (02) 9300 9733 has coffee, magazines and newspapers.

Natural Therapies: Herbal Solutions, 37 Hall Street, ph: (02) 9365 7270. Mon-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Acupuncture, aromatherapy massage, Ayurvedic massage, herbalism/naturopathic, homeopathy, iridology, swedish/remedial massage, reflexology, reiki, shiatsu and tarot.

Newsagents: A good selection of magazines and most of the daily newspapers from around the country, Bondi Beach Newsagency, 134 Campbell Parade.

Photographic processing: we highly recommend Michael Wimmer & Co. at 62 Hall Street, ph: (02) 9300 9098, Mon-Fri 8am-4pm, Saturday 9-12pm or by appointment, for developing, printing, enlarging, black and white, sepia and colour, and passport photos and portraits. Surfside Express Photos is at shop 18, 180 Campbell Parade, ph: (02) 9365 7940.

Russian Leisure at 81a Hall Street stocks Russian music and videos, ph: 9130 4926.

Sounds: at 38 Campbell Parade is Parade Music with an extensive range of CDs - ph: 9365 1248. Soundwaves is at 68 Campbell Parade, ph: 9130 3581, and sells CDs, t-shirts, tickets to concerts and other small music accessories. Bondi Intermusic for musical equipment, 16 O'Brien Street, ph: 9130 3970/3997.

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