Remnants of the Glebe Trams

There are remnants of Sydney trams everywhere, once you learn how to look. Here are some old pictures of the trams that served Glebe, plus remnants that can be seen today. The Rozelle Tram Depot is now the Glebe Tramsheds.

Waiting for the tram at Railway Square
A Lilyfield Tram is ready to depart from Railway Square
A Lilyfield tram is ready to depart from Railway Square. With two coupled toastrack trams, it seats far more people than a bendy-bus.

Behind the tram is a large waiting shed and signal box.

Old photos show people walking in all directions, there was so little traffic.
Loftus Tramway Museum - Waiting Shed from Railway Square
The original tram shed has been lovingly re-erected at the Loftus Tram Museum.
Central Railway Clock Tower viewed from Railway Square
Railway Square has been repeatedly modified to cater for more and more cars and trucks, and to keep pedestrians out of harm's way.

Earlier buildings have been replaced by a weird structure that lets in the wind and the rain and looks brutally modern.

Tram Remants in Glebe
Exposed tram tracks - Glebe Point Road
Visible tram tracks.
The best example in Sydney is in Glebe Point Road, just near Pyrmont Bridge Road. The road surface crumbled away and tram tracks appeared. The City of Sydney council has specified that these historic rails stay visible.
Tram rosette in St Johns Road, Glebe, Sydney Tram Rosettes
The support wires for the live overhead wiring above the tracks were attached directly to buildings with a large anchor point, and usually with a decorative rosette.

These rosettes are surprisingly common, once you get the knack of spotting them.

Click to see the whole building.
Rounded Corner for Trams at Ross Street and St Johns Road, Glebe, Sydney
Rounded Corners
The corner of St Johns Road and Ross Street, Glebe.

Trams in Glebe Point Road
Originally this building was the Astor Theatre, a typical Sydney suburban picture show. In 1974 the Rocky Horror Show with the Australian Cast including Reg Livermore was a live production in the theatre. Later the theatre was renamed the Valhalla and presented re-runs and interesting vintage films from 1979 to 1999.

What was once the Astor Milk Bar is now the Astor Cafe. This photograph is inside the cafe.

This mural about the Glebe Trams is on a terrace house, at the corner of Hereford Street and adajacent to the Valhalla building.

The mural is based on a photograph taken in Glebe Point Road at St Johns Road with the Glebe Post Office at the left.

This picture shows the tram terminus in 1958. The building at the left is now a block of flats but was previously the Max Factor cosmetics factory.

Notice that the tram tracks end just in front of the tram. Trams can travel in either direction and this tram simply changes direction for the return trip to Circular Quay and Fort Macquarie (now the Opera House).

Quiet Streets That Once Had Trams
Mount Vernon Street in Forest Lodge - old Sydney tram route Mount Vernon Street in Forest Lodge.

This is now a quiet back street tucked away between Sydney University and Glebe Town Hall.
Moore Street Annandale - old Sydney tram route Moore Street in Annandale.

This street was the tram route to Lilyfield, via Forest Lodge and Ross Street, Glebe.

The corner store was built in 1912.

Strip Shopping Centres
Glebe Point Road coloured postcard - strip shopping - tram tracks With a tram stop every couple of blocks, busy streets gradually because a continuous shopping strip.

Trams in Their Own Reservation
Glebe tram reservation This tram reservation is now a public street.

The Crescent links Ross Street and Wigram Road in Glebe around to the foot of Johnston Street in Annandale.
Glebe tram reservation Epping Junction, Glebe. This was the point where the Balmain and Lilyfield lines diverged. This junction was located on the western side of The Crescent and a bit north of Wigram Road.
Glebe street directory 1925 From a 1925 street directory, this map shows the Epping Recreation Ground which later became the Rozelle Tram Depot and the Harold Park trotting track. The Crescent is shown as a reservation for trams. The goods line which is now the light rail to Dulwich Hill is not shown - it had not been built in 1925.
North Annandale Hotel 1955 The North Annandale Hotel, with its handsome 1930s art deco styling, is immediately recognisable. It's the corner of Johnston Street and Booth Street, Annandale.

The tram has crossed over the stormwater channel and climbed up Booth Street, after passing through the junction shown in the previous pictures.

Train on Bridge in Glebe Perfect, a tram and a train in the one picture.

The light rail to Dulwich Hill now uses this rail bridge over The Crescent in Glebe.
Tram Bridge from Glebe to Annandale The remains of the tram bridge over the stormwater channel between Glebe and Annandale.

The Rozelle Tram Depot
Rozelle Tram Depot in Glebe If the truth be known, the Rozelle Tram Depot was not in Rozelle, but was actually in Glebe, behind the Harold Park Trotting Track.

Here, tramway officials are posing for the camera since the Roselle Depot garden has won the 1928/29 competition.

The depot opened in April 1904 and closed in November 1958.
Departing Rozelle Tram Depot in 1955 A coupled pair of toastrack trams departing Rozelle Tram Depot in 1955. Bench seats for 160 people.

As an example, in September 1937 the Rozelle depot had 160 toastrack trams in stock. Toastrack trams travelled mainly as coupled pairs, especially during the peak hour. These Rozelle trams did 328,000 miles per month.
Rozelle Tramshed vandalised by ignorant thugs This distressing photograph shows the results of years of neglect by the NSW Government and the Harold Park Trust coupled with pointless vandalism by thugs pretending to be successful artists.

Other participants in this farce included the City Council of Sydney who dreamed of a tourist tram line around The Rocks and the Sydney Tram Museum who owned the trams but failed to stop their destruction.

The Glebe Tramsheds Shopping Centre
The Tramsheds, Glebe Tramsheds restoration project - massive work needed - Sept 2014
The Tramsheds, Glebe Tramsheds - re-building and re-roofing in progress - July 2015.
The Tramsheds, Glebe Tram 1995 arrives back in Glebe after a splendid restoration and paint job in the Bendigo Tramway Workshops.

Old photos and movies show that this tram was certainly the last tram to run on the Sydney network. The last trip was in February 1961.
The Tramsheds, Glebe, Newspaper article Tramsheds Newspaper Article - July 2016
The Tramsheds, Glebe The Tramsheds at sunset, and the carpark is full.

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