An Exhibition about Bondi

North Bondi Surf Club Team   The Museum of Sydney had an exhibition called Bondi: A Biography which ran until March 16th, 2006. Although the exhibition finished years ago, these pictures below illustrate the history of Bondi.

Charles Meere Australian Beach Pattern 1940 Australian Beach Pattern, 1940

This painting was done by Charles Meere in 1940. Whilst it's not named as Bondi, it probably is. It shows heaps of detail of what people wore and did at the beach.

Art Gallery of NSW Collection.

North Bondi March Past 1931 North Bondi March Past Team, 1931.

Waverley Council Local Studies Collection.

Bondi Beach 1870s Bondi Beach in the 1870s

Date approx 1870-1875. Not a house in sight.

State Library of NSW Collection.

1947 March Past Team at Bondi Womens March Past Team.

The 1947 North Bondi Womens March Past team.

Waverley Council Local Studies Collection.

Bondi in 1950 Hotel Astra Bondi Beach around 1950

Bondi Beach with the Hotel Astra in the background. Notice how the beach is packed, but the grassed area is empty.

Waverley Council Local Studies Collection.
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