Bondi Beach - Old Photos

Bondi Beach 1920 from the north end
Bondi Beach from the north end, 1924

There are makeshift shelters from the sun at the bottom left. Imagine your own tent for the day right at the edge of Bondi Beach. A picnic rug is stretched between two cars to provide shade.

The Bondi Pavilion as we know it has not yet been built. Several earlier buildings are visible; these include an Edwardian style "tea rooms" as well as the surf club and dressing sheds for bathers.

Just to the left of the tea rooms is a large stone embankment, level with Campbell Parade. Until December 1927 the Bondi trams turned around in the park.

The Hotel Bondi is clearly visible, as is Ravesi's corner at Hall Street. The Astra (previously a hotel, now a retirement village) had not yet been built. Just to the left of the Hotel Bondi, the large sloping roof is the Palais de Danse which opened in 1923 on the corner of Roscoe Street. It became a picture theatre in 1937 and is now take-away food shops.

Note the newly planted pine trees, all quite short.

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North Bondi March Past 1937
Bondi March Past Team, 1937.

The carnival area is fenced off with hessian and poles.

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Bondi Beach 1870-1875 Bondi Beach in the 1870s

Date approx 1870-1875. Not a house in sight.

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