Trains Proposal 1998

Trains to Bondi Beach - The Proposal from 1998

  A train to Bondi Beach? But will it stop people from driving down the beach? We suspect that the end result will be more negative than positive.

Bondi Locals Shout Down Rail Link Proposal
Read the latest proposals from May 1998.

A train to the beach?
  The Premier of New South Wales, Bob Carr, raised speculation about a Bondi Beach rail project when he foreshadowed a call for expressions of interest. It is believed the link would cost anything from $70 million for a single track to more than $100 million for twin-tracks.

The underground line, up to 3km long, would go down Bondi Road or Birrell Street, terminating at an underground train station at the southern end of Campbell Parade, next to the beach.

Waverley Council has expressed doubts about the project; it could change the character of the beach area because of a new influx of people. Some locals expect an increase in pollution, crime and even traffic as a result of the new rail link. Other problems are:

  • Commuter traffic along Bondi Road will not reduce much, if at all.

  • Traffic will be a nightmare during construction, expected to last at least 2 1/2 years.

  • Beach rubbish will rise substantially. Waverley Council confirms that either rates will go up to cover extra cleaning, or other services will be cut.

  • Rent is likely to increase for residential and commercial tenants, as tourist numbers explode.

  • With millions more visitors, the pressure for Gold Coast-type development of Bondi Beach will rapidly intensify.

  • NSW police confirm that crime around the beach will definitely increase with this rail link but no extra policing funds are proposed.

Write a letter of protest to the Premier:

The Honourable R J Carr MP
GPO Box 5341
Sydney NSW 2001

Bondi Locals Shout Down Rail Link

Bondi residents turned out in force at Bondi Beach on Sunday 26/4/1998 to protest against the proposed CityRail extension from Bondi Junction to the beach.

The crowd, estimated at about 2000 people, was led by singer Kate Ceberano and actor Michael Caton.

Since the environmental impact statement for the proposed link started, hundreds of locals have been out to stop it, including a group called "Save Bondi Beach".

You can contact "Save Bondi Beach" at:

Save Bondi Beach
Locked Bag 7000
Bondi Beach NSW 2026

May 1998
The Bondi Beach rail proposal issues paper has finally been released and shows the options for four main stations, two requiring some government funding. None of the four options have a middle station on the route and each would require a 30-month construction period, halted during the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

All station locations, as well as all of the proposed routes and modes of transport, including light rail, will be considered in the Environmental Impact Statement due in the coming months. The final decision however will lie with the Minister for Urban Affairs and Planning, Craig Knowles, who can overrule the EIS's preferred option.

State Member for Vaucluse, Peter Debnam, said it is a "pathetic attempt" to get community opposition off the Government's back.

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