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On this page we present Marie's instant guide to the Bondi Fashion scene.

Plus a photo gallery - just hanging out at Bondi Beach.

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Coffee Tick Bondi is no longer a solace for surfies or the image that once typified Sydney's summers of sun, surf and sand. The tide has turned making way for the urban hippy, yuppies and a youth culture that are all getting down to the ocean view and lifestyle of the Bondi beat.

Coffee Tick Pizzazz The rise of the upwardly mobile, caf cultured and the young urbanites in Bondi should come as no surprise. Bondi is just 15 minutes from Paddington, the suburb that is a pinnacle to Sydney's innercity lifestyling. Bondi has become a wash of Paddington pizzazz with boutiques and caf's that create more than just a summer destination. An abundance of events and community influences throughout the year, intermingle to create an eclectic environment that all can relax and enjoy.

Umbrella Umbrella The style is simple and casual is cool in Bondi this makes dressing easy, cargo style street wear, simple dresses and straight skirts are all worn with trainers or slip ons, that can be seen as a reworking of the Australian thong icon. The Bondi corso may still be the strip to buy that summer bikini and surf wear but it is through cruising down the side streets that street style is found. Gould Street lying parallel to Campbell Parade, Bondi's main drag is home for many eclectic stores.

Umbrella Umbrella

Street wears ranging from cargo in all styles, denim skirts and military style shirts can be found in Tuchuzy on Gould Street. A collection of recycled clothing is also sold this gives street cred at an inexpensive price. The staff here could also point you to wear the action was happening in the way of music and parties.

Umbrella Tick

Another recycled clothing store is just a few doors up these stores are always worth a visit. The urban hippy can pick up sari style dresses and skirts in colourful silks and dyed fabrics from a few stores in Gould Street as well as on Hall Street. Silver jewellery and inexpensive bangles can also be found in the night market stalls that are set up on the corso in Roscoe Street between Gould Street and Campbell Parade.

Umbrella Cake Every Sunday the Bondi Markets can be found at the end of Campbell Parade in the grounds of North Bondi Public School. Here a mix of recycled and young experimental designer clothing can be found. Stalls selling fab retro and costume jewellery can be found as well as exquisitely crafted designer jewellery.

Coffee Coffee After perusing, rummaging or buying out the markets keep heading up Gould street for a coffee while kicking back in the lounge style of Bamboo. This quint caf with a 1960's oriental touch echoes a contemporary Bondi feel as it is set back from the Bondi strip relishing in atmosphere rather than the typical beach scene.

Umbrella Cake

On a higher end of fashion you can take a walk up Curlewis Street to find the Paablo Nevada store. Betty Fong is the young designer who designs upmarket street wear with a range that bears futuristic elements.

Umbrella Tick

Bondi is proving to be not just a beach but a suburb with an eclectic fashion consciousness.

Cake Cake What is Hot. Sydney designer Lisa Ho, with a store of the same name showed her Spring/Summer range at Bondi.

Tick Tick The Parade was staged at the Bondi Beach surf lifesaving club. Lisa Ho who after travelling to Jamacia decided that there was more inspiration for swim wear and summer at Bondi!

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