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The old expression "Shoot through like a Bondi Tram" means what?

  1. Leave the scene very quickly

  2. Shootings by gangs of criminals in the 1930's

  3. Premature ejaculation

  4. Travelling in a very old car

When someone says "see you later" what do they mean?

  1. They will meet up with you later the same day.

  2. I'll talk to you when you are sober

  3. You are in big trouble

  4. It is just a courtesy to end a conversation. They will probably never see you again.

What is a prawn night?

  1. The Australian word for Prom Night

  2. The monthly dance often held in small country towns by church groups

  3. A gathering for men only where they will drink beer and often be entertained by strippers or porno movies.

  4. A night under the full moon when you can easily catch prawns (shrimps) in shallow lakes

Who is Mel Gibson?

  1. One of the Spice Girls

  2. An Australian actor

  3. The current Miss Australia

  4. The Australian answer to Oprah Winfrey.

What do Australians call a cellular phone?

  1. A floater

  2. A ringer

  3. A mobile

  4. A portable

What is a Lamington?

  1. A local brand of sewing machine

  2. A portable toilet at a rock concert

  3. A cake dipped in chocloate and coconut

  4. A comfortable chair next to a swimming pool

What is a pub crawl?

  1. The standard style of swimming taught in Australian schools

  2. The additional road traffic heading north on public holidays

  3. A group of people having a drink at several hotels in succession

  4. A gathering of mothers talking about their young children

Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee) used the expression "Put another shrimp on the barbie" What does this mean?

  1. The word shrimp is never used in Australia

  2. You'll get cold without any clothes on

  3. Come on over and eat with us, let's have a party

  4. Smoking never hurt anybody

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