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What are Wombles, Wiggles and the Narnies?

  1. Children’s TV programs

  2. Names of Australian aboriginal tribes

  3. Aussie words for insect pests

  4. Slang words for pubic hair

What are Wombles, Wiggles and the Narnies??

  1. An Australian sheep dog

  2. A town in New South Wales

  3. A strong drink made from native plants

  4. A local word for marijuana

What is a ute (pronounced yoot)?

  1. A snake found in banana plantations

  2. Having sex with sheep

  3. Nickname for a technical college

  4. A vehicle similar to a pickup truck

What do Australians have on their hamburgers, instead of the slice of pickle (like at McDonald's)?

  1. A slice of cucumber

  2. Grated carrot

  3. A slice of beetroot

  4. Mashed peas

Who in Australia is Ned Kelly?

  1. A national hero similar to Robin Hood

  2. A much loved TV newsreader

  3. A musician and songwriter

  4. A criminal who taunted the police and was hanged.

Which side of the road do Australians drive on?

  1. There are no roads to speak of and either side of the road is allowed

  2. The steering wheel is at the right and they drive on the left

  3. It varies from state to state

  4. The steering wheel is at the left and they drive on the left.

What is a barbie?

  1. A small plastic doll for little girls

  2. A powerful cocktail drink, used at weddings and funerals

  3. A gathering of people with cooking outdoors on an open fire

  4. A sedative tablet

What in Sydney are the "Rabbitohs"?

  1. A football team with 90 years of tradition

  2. People who once sold rabbits door to door (before chicken was mass produced)

  3. People who talk too much

  4. Aussie barmaids

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