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What is the local version of M and M's in Australia?

  1. Smarties

  2. Goolies

  3. Rollies

  4. Gotchas

What is the Aussie equivalent to jumbo shrimps?

  1. Balmain bugs

  2. Sydney shrimps

  3. King prawns

  4. Giant goolies

What is the most likely thing an Australian waitress will say when she brings you your meal?

  1. Have a nice day

  2. Get this into you

  3. There you go

  4. Scarf and barf, baby

What in Australia is Maccas?

  1. A musical instrument used by Aborigines

  2. A word for McDonalds used by the company when pretending to be Australian

  3. Clothing worn when it is raining

  4. A theme park run by Rupert Murdoch (News Corporation)

What are speedos and cossies?

  1. Games played by Australian School children

  2. Native Australian lizards

  3. Local words for bathing suits

  4. Instruments used by the police to catch speeding motorists

What in Sydney is the Coathanger?

  1. A notorious pickup bar near central railway

  2. A much loved sculpture at Bondi Beach

  3. A wrestling hold favoured by Sydney nightclub bouncers

  4. A rarely used word for the harbour bridge.

What is a pokie room?

  1. A family room, for watching TV and playing games

  2. A room at the back of a club where prostitutes operate

  3. A licenced room with gambling machines (slots)

  4. A small store room equivalent to an attic or basement

What are Tim Tams?

  1. The nation's favourite chocolate biscuit

  2. Lines drawn on the road to show people where to cross

  3. An endangered species of small frogs

  4. Local birds with a distinctive mating call

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