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City to Surf Run - 14th August 2005

Here are some photos taken at Bondi Beach on 14th August 2005. About 60,000 people lined up for the event which started earlier at 9:30am.

Whilst the serious runners were up the front (and mainly men) the "fun run" was in the middle with lots of costumes, and many runners making phone calls as they jogged along. In this age of technology, mobile phones, tiny headphones and digital cameras were commonplace.

The first two places went to the Tanzanians Patrick Nyangelo and Dickson Marwa with Martin Dent from ACT in 3rd place and Steve Moneghetti 4th, all separated by just 22 seconds. The first woman home was Olympic athlete Kerryn McCann by more than a minute.

City to Surf 2005 The Top Four City to Surf 2005 First Woman City to Surf 2005 Down the hill City to Surf 2005 Coloured folk
City to Surf 2005 Prams galore City to Surf 2005 Party On!!! City to Surf 2005 Music to run by City to Surf 2005 Cheerleaders
City to Surf 2005 Dial and run City to Surf 2005 Whips City to Surf 2005 Wabbits City to Surf 2005 BBQ on the sand

The fun of the City to Surf was marred worse than ever by intrusive sponsorship. Pathetic blimps polluted the beachfront. Helicopters towing advertisements created visual pollution and unwanted noise. Commercial radio broadcasting in the park was so loud that nobody could sit nearby. Organisers take note: Get rid of these people.

City to Surf 2005 Eyesore City to Surf 2005 Noise City to Surf 2005 Who Cares?? City to Surf 2005 Irrelevant
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